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Crimen y Castigo  (1965)
Crimen y Castigo (1965)


Crimen y Castigo (1965)

Producción de Radio y Televisión Española

Author:   Fiodor Dostoievski

Director: Alberto González Vergel

Acting: Julián Mateos, Marí­a José Alfonso,  Blas Martí­n, Carola Fernán Gómez, Eva Marí­a Lozano

Dramatization.  The young man’s conscience looks into the most hidden places of his soul  the ultimate motivations for the crime he just committed.  At the end, his liberation will come to him through love and sacrifice redeeming his guilt.   Produced in Spain,

Audio:    Spanish

Genre: Drama

 Black and White  -   78 minutes

DVD  -   Item No. 19-0365

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