Sara García Hidalgo

Sara Garcia Hidalgo
Sara García Hidalgo
Sara García Hidalgo known in Mexican cinema simply as Sara García was born in Orizaba, Veracruz. Her participation in movies was very early as she worked as extra en four of the silent films. It was in the decade of the 30’s that she initiated her first performances in the large screen eventually becoming one of the most important female figures of the Mexican Cinema Golden Age. She played many roles but the one as little grandmother (la abuelita) gave her most fame. Women of the third age identified with her character and were her passionate fans.

In her real life Sara García, although a courageous woman, went through traumatic circumstances that affected her deeply. One was the fact that her husband abandoned her and later the husband to her only daughter that she adored died of typhoid fever. After her very successful film career, Sara García died in November of 1980. She acted in more than 100 films of which we have in stock at the present time the following titles:

  • El Ropavejero (Item No. 22-5206)
  • La comadrita (Item No. 11-6865)
  • El baisano Jalil (32-7310)
  • La Familia Pérez (Item No. 32-1895)
  • Los Fernández de Peralvillo (Item No. 32-1430)
  • El Barchante Neguib (Item No. 32-1528)

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